Our Goals for 2023-2024


A Giving and Caring Heart Goals:

To successfully:  

  • Assist  families with energy assistance.
  • Help  families from being evicted from their residence.
  • Hold outreach events for the homeless by providing basic need health products, food and clothing.
  • Run drive campaigns to support local food banks.
  • Run drive campaigns to support local homeless shelters.
  • Establish partnerships with non-profits that provide family assistance for child-care, pre-school education, family counseling, housing down payment assistance, educational day camps etc.
  • Establish strong lasting relationships with government agencies like HUD and City agencies to maximize effectiveness.
  • Establish strong lasting partnerships with property management groups whom offer low-income housing.

Long-term goal is to create an infrastructure and a network that is agile, sustainable and effective with helping families in time of emergency and provide a means to seek new opportunities.