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Giving And Caring Heart is a Organization that is seeking resources for anyone who needs assistance. Our Organization is a Based Family & Friend Organization. People who cares about others. This organization helps by offering support in whatever we can do as a team. We are here to TRY! If thats all we can DO. With SUPPORT, ENCOURMENT, LOVE ,STRENGTH... WE Can Build TOGETHER! 

Our goals together are to help families with housing resources, to help find shelter for the homeless. Together will help provide an environment with new opportunities and build a better enviroment Giving and Caring Heart Aim to help prevent hardship by giving people hope with resources during hard times. Giving & Caring Heart Goals are to help, as many families with emergency needs, to assist if we are able still offering A Caring Heart Giving and Caring Heart want to create a strong network of nonprofit programs, to better serve families in our communities. This organization was built out of caring and the belief of a mother who deeply feels a sense of moral and social obligation to help others. Giving and Caring Heart Cares.



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Our Programs


Foster Family Program

GCH is helping to provide or find temporary shelter and permanent housing, for homeless families, low income families, Veterans and provide families with relocation assistance.

Working with Property Mangement groups to find clean, updated and affordable apartments or homes. Providing or finding downpayment assistance, food, clothing and funiture. 

Our Foster Family Program is available to Veterans and their Families.

We find emergency shelter and transitional housing for pregnant women and women with children.

Our clients include women in domestic violence situations who do not need a confidential location.

Our clients have a desire to become self-sufficient and desire to be ready for employment within about 30-90 days of entering program.

Utility Bill Pay Assistance


Any donation will immediately provide assists for families facing dissconnection notices.

We offer Clients Utility Pay assistance, our non-profit provides assistance to low income famlies, single women with children, veterans and senior citizens. GCH works directly with Utility Companies by pledging finanical assistance to avoid Disconnection of service.



Food Drives to Support Local Shelters and Food Banks

GCH provides Food and clothing vouchers, local food banks and shelters.

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